Is Active Release a Good Lower Back Pain Treatment?

Active release technique, or ART, is a therapy that combines movement and manipulation with the goal of breaking up scar tissue. This is done because scar tissue can cause pain and restricted movement by interfering with the normal operation of the surrounding tissues. The interference causes painful inflammation as well as mechanical restrictions against movement. Trying to move causes further inflammation and pain.


Scar tissue often arises, usually unnoticed, after an injury like a strain or sprain. Of course, it can also come from a more obviously-traumatic injury or surgery. It often affects the fascia, which is connective tissue that separates muscles and internal organs, but it can also arise in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.


Because scar tissue can come into existence in many places that affect motion and cause pain, active release technique near me isn't just used as a lower back pain treatment. This, however, is one of its most popular uses. Other conditions it treats include neck pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatic nerve pain (other than true sciatica, which originates in the spine), plantar fasciitis, and even tension headaches.


The problematic areas of scar tissue, known as adhesions, are broken up by successful ART treatment. A practitioner will manipulate these areas over several sessions, progressively breaking them down and restoring proper blood flow. As blood flow improves, healing accelerates and symptoms improve.


In some cases, ART treatment is combined with other therapies to bring about faster results or to address co-occurring issues that are present. These therapies can include basics like massage, or may be paired with more aggressive treatments provided by other clinics. ART treatment may also be sought by those who have had surgery or traumatic injuries before problems become too bad. These people know that such incidents are likely to result in painful scar tissue, so they seek to control it before that happens.


Often, ART treatment is offered by a sports doctor near me. This is likely because it treats problems that affect body parts that are often injured during athletic activities. The fascia, tendons, and ligaments are especially prone to sports damage due to sudden and excessive stretching or even tearing. Sports like soccer, football, and basketball – all of which require players to stop and pivot – are especially prone to causing the type of damage that responds to ART and other such therapies.


Even if you don't play any sports, you may get injuries that will respond to ART. Make an appointment with a sports doctor near me to see if it can help you.

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