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Ed treats clients and patients at his clinic, Body Lounge Park Cities, in Dallas, TX. To schedule an appointment with him, click here.

Step 02

We Will Discuss Your Health History and What Is Bothering You

Step 03

Thorough Examination Which Includes a Movement Assessment to Determine Which Treatment Modalities Will Be the Most Effective

Step 04

Layout a Plan to Resolve the Issue

Step 05

 Manipulation of Any Restricted Joints Is Performed (If Necessary)

Step 06

Soft Tissue Techniques Performed

Step 07

Kinesiology Tape Is Applied to Assist Injured Tissue/Joints, Decrease Pain and Improve Posture

Step 08

Exercises Are Demonstrated and Performed to Help the Healing Process

Step 09

Review of Your Home Care to Aid in Recovery (Do's & Don'ts)

Step 10

Follow-Up(s) Visits Are Scheduled (If Necessary)

Most conditions improve after 1-2 visits. Total resolution is usually accomplished within 6 visits (depending on severity of the injury).