Speed Healing with Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a very painful condition involving inflammation of the tendons joining the forearm muscles with the outside of the elbow. The problem actually starts in the forearm muscles and tendons, which are overworked by repeatedly making the same motions. Since the motions that cause this problem are made while playing tennis, it is commonly known as "tennis elbow." However, tennis isn't the only thing that can cause it. Any activity that involves the same types of motions as tennis can bring the same results.


Physical therapy for tennis elbow can take many forms, but it is all intended to speed healing and reduce the chances of lingering pain and other problems. Those with mild to moderate pain may gain benefits from dry needling, which is meant to improve mobility, release tension, and provide general relief. Therapies meant to break up scar tissue or thickened fascia tissue are also helpful.


Golfer's elbow physical therapy aims to treat a very similar condition. The main difference is that golfer's elbow causes pain at the inside part of the elbow instead of the outside. Like tennis elbow, it is caused by repeated motions – this time, the motions common to golf swings. The same types of physical therapy for tennis elbow are used for golfer's elbow physical therapy.


For both conditions, healing will also involve some time away from the sport or other activities that aggravate the relevant muscles and tendons. This will allow the injured parts to heal more quickly and strongly. Once healed, your health care provider may advise that you limit your time playing so that you do not reinjure yourself. A physical therapist may also be able to provide tips for preventing injury when you do play.

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