Smart Cuffs BFR sets are the most affordable, FDA listed Cuffs on the market today.  

What makes the Smart Cuffs different:


  • Specifically designed from the ground up for BFR with a proprietary bladder system - A single-chambered bladder system to allow LOP (Limb Occlusion Pressure) measurement for clinical use
  • 4 inch wide cuffs for safety - Lower pressures required to achieve LOP
  • Doppler comes standard with the Smart Cuffs Clinical Set
  • The valve system allows reliable tube detachment while maintaining Cuff inflation for freedom of movement and consistent results
  • Thick, anti-microbial Neoprene encases the bladder system to provide superior comfort, hygiene, and durability
  • Industry leading MDF® Bravata®  sphygmomanometer with movement by Bachmaier and Klemmer™ for highly accurate measurements
  • Specific inflation metrics for each Cuff size to ensure reliable and consistent results
  • Herringbone woven nylon fabric lines the edges for enhanced comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA Listed Class 1 Pneumatic Tourniquet 
  • Affordable for all medical and fitness professionals

What's in each set?

Clinical Set = (10) Cuffs (2 of each size), (1) Hand Gauge, (1) Doppler, and (1) Case

Personal Set = (4) Cuffs (pick 2 sizes & get two of each), (1) Hand Gauge, and (1) Mesh Bag

Basic Set = (2) Cuffs (pick 1 or 2 sizes & get one of each), (1) Hand Gauge, and (1) Mesh Bag

Smart Cuffs Basic Set


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