Reduce Pain with BFR!

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There are several novel findings in the present study. Both low and high-pressure BFR and HLRE augmented the increase in pain threshold in the exercising limb compared to LLRE (26-48% vs 10%). High-pressure BFR resulted in the greatest increase in PPT in the exercising limb (48%). A systemic effect was observed to less extent than the exercising limb, which was comparable to HLRE (10-18%) with both low and high-pressure BFR-RE (11-17% and 11-21%, respectively). Whereas PPTs had returned to baseline at 24 hours following LLRE and HLRE, following low and high-pressure BFR-RE the PPTs were elevated relative to baseline in the exercising limb only (15% and 24%, respectively). No alterations in circulating 2-AG concentration were found; however, post-exercise BE concentration was increased for both low (21%) and high (23%) pressure BFR-RE conditions compared to LLRE (0.4%) and HLRE (5%). Finally, beta-endorphin and muscle discomfort were found to mediate the relationship between exercise intervention and change in PPT.

Link to full article here.

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