What is IASTM?

Instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation, or IASTM, is a technique for breaking up scar tissue and thickened areas in the fascia to reduce or eliminate pain and improve freedom of movement. The fascia is a layer of connective tissue that separates muscles and internal organs. When it is injured, it can become scarred, thicken, tighten up, or otherwise suffer ongoing negative changes. This causes it to hurt when moved too far, or in some cases, even if the affected body part isn't moved.


Those who are the most bothered by this process tend to be athletes. Athletic people also tend to suffer from it more often due to a collection of sports injuries. Therefore, IASTM treatment is often part of sports physical therapy near me. Despite this, there is no need to be an athlete to get this treatment. Its prevalence in sports therapy just means that one of the best places to look for it is at a provider of sports medicine near me.


Despite its usefulness for things like tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, IASTM is often used as part of treatments for other, more-common pains. Neck, back, knee, wrist, and foot pain may all respond to it. Of course, the details of what is causing the pain are important for deciding whether or not this is an appropriate therapy. It is indicated for situations in which the fascia is contributing to or causing the pain. If the pain is coming from another source entirely, a different therapy is chosen.


Good practitioners of sports therapy near me won't prescribe one type of treatment to everyone. Instead, they'll do a thorough examination to determine what is at the root of a painful condition. Then, they'll devise treatment plans that focus on those causes and bring about the fastest resolution for pain and mobility issues. They will also provide advice for reducing the chance of further injury.


If you're in the Dallas, TX area, schedule an appointment with me, Ed Le Cara, for an evaluation. I will not only examine your problem body part, but be sure to get a history of the trouble. This will allow me to determine whether IASTM is the best therapy for you. Then, I will devise a treatment plan that will likely involve a combination of therapies. By using multiple methodologies, we can bring about faster healing and a speedier return to your favorite activities.


You have no reason to be worried if you aren't an athlete. My practice is open to everyone, and I provide the same level of treatment regardless of your own physical fitness. Call today to get started.

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