Lauren Varga

Dr. Lecara is great. Going to see him was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my overall fitness. Seeing him I have been able to make adjustments to my workouts that have allowed me to no longer feel pain and strengthen my weaknesses. He is very intuitive and a great sports doctor.

Allison Hunter

Best customer service ever!! Dr Ed is amazing and knowledgeable about all things chiropractic and overall wellness. His business partner, Copper keeps you feeling comfortable and at ease while explaining all options for the best experience!! I HIGHLY recommend Body Lounge!

Lee Wedeberg

After nearly of year of back pain due to a herniated disc, Dr. Ed La Cara put me on a path to healing that has been remarkable. He listened well to not only what was wrong but also to what my ultimate goals were for returning to everyday life and exercise that I love. Each time I left an appointment, I was filled with hope which was such a change from how I had felt for a long time. Steadily my back pain decreased and my range of motion increased and I am living life virtually pain free again. Thanks to Body Lounge and Dr. La Cara’s treatment plan, I now know how to manage this injury if it flairs up again and how to prevent that from happening as much as possible. I cannot say enough good things about this practice. He took a very methodical approach and treated me with expert care that is rare these days.


Body Lounge is absolutely amazing! Red light therapy and infrared sauna have been absolutely life changing! Ed’s chiropractic services for sports injury was fantastic. He worked on my son’s basketball injury and had him back to playing in no time! Everyone that works here is very friendly, helpful, and informative. Highly recommend all the services offered here!!

Katherine Hildebrand

Truly one of the most beautiful wellness clinics/body lounges I have ever been to. Dr Ed listens intently about what his patients needs are and goes above and beyond to explain what the right course of action might be. This week I decided to try something new and booked a massage. From the moment I walked into the wellness lounge I was impressed with how pristine everything was, how efficient the front desk was in getting me checked in and settled and how I immediately felt relaxed and ready to be pampered. I explained to the masseuse what my pressure points were and she was excellent at helping relieve my stress and diminish the knots in my shoulder blades. I highly recommend an appointment to see Dr. Ed to fine tune things or a massage as a special treat.

Brad Young

I went to the Body Lounge for the first time a week ago. As soon as I entered the spa one of the owners, Ed, greeted me and gave me a tour of the entire spa. I was there for just a massage but I’ll definitely be going back for some other treatments. As far as the massage goes I was super impressed with Julian. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and then asked me several questions about what body parts were hurting. When the massage was over I had no pain or discomfort.

I can’t say enough nice things about the spa and the owners, Ed and Copper. If you want a massage or other Med spa treatments the Body Lounge is the place to go. 5 STARS!

Kristi Slice Leatherman

Everyone at Body Lounge is amazing- excellent service, the friendliest smiles and people that really care about you.!! Copper and Dr. Ed have changed my life and I recommend all of their treatments to all of my friends and family too !!!

Christi Graham

Dr. Ed is AMAZING!! I tried the new Accent Prime Machine to tighten under the chin and neck and LOVE the results. I love everything I have experienced thus far at Body Lounge. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful without being pushy. They really listen to what you are trying to accomplish and offer solutions. Thanks Body Lounge Park Cities!! Xoxo

Britt Carter

Copper, Dr. Ed and the staff at Body Lounge are soooo AMAZING!!

Sina Arhamsadr

Ed’s a legend. Coppers always a pleasure to work with. I’ve been suffering with worsening trap/shoulder pain during quarantine and they responded to my email on a Sunday and got me in the next morning. A 30 minute session brought me back from the dead.

Ed practices almost every modality of body repair and optimization that I can think of and has great knowledge of the body – always able to track down the source.

If you have been dissatisfied with your quality of care or are looking to push your physical limits a bit, you should give Body Lounge a try – they will not disappoint.

Scott Cody

I was introduced to Dr. Ed by a friend and he has addressed a myriad of issues ranging from rotator cuff to lumbar to a partially torn hamstring. He has helped get me back to the gym and stay there while rehabbing these things. For years I have been looking for someone with his background. & credentials. He understands the athlete.

Local Guide

This is the place to start for any chronic injury, sports injury, or those pesky aches and pains that come as we age. I sought out KinetikChain for a lower back injury that had me in pain almost constantly. My workouts were ground down to nothing and I watched my strength wilt away. My physician recommended an MRI of the lower back with possible surgery. I sought out Dr Ed Le Cara as a second opinion and he immediately started me on an exercise, stretching, and therapy regimen that relieved the pain in two weeks and had me back in the gym in four weeks. I was 100% within two months and all for less than my out of pocket expense for the MRI.

Since then I have gone to KinetikChain for various ligament and muscular imbalance related injuries and I can’t recommend them enough. These are top-notch professionals in their field.

Doug S.

After a chronic plantar fasciitis injury lasting over six months, Dr. Ed Le Cara took on my case. We talked over different treatments and decided on a new technique. Initially, Dr. Le Cara injected my heel with a botulism treatment from Galderma called Dysport. The Dysport injection was coupled with dry needling and massage.

I walked into see Dr. Le Cara for the first time, almost hobbling in pain and perpetual discomfort. Not only did the pain hurt all day, every day; the pain affected my attitude and made me not any fun to be around. This single treatment allowed me to walk out of The Body Lounge with next to zero pain in one treatment.

I have been visiting Dr. Le Cara once a week for five weeks since the initial injection treatment where he continues the dry needling and massage. The chronic pain in my plantar area of my left foot has been eradicated. We are continuing to work on stretching the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, strengthening the muscles in the plantar area as well as decreasing the painful adhesions in my calf.

Dr. Le Cara’s expertise in treatment as well as finding the root causes of my affliction and pain have allowed me to look forward to resuming my normal endurance training in the near future. There is no doubt Dr. Le Cara is a true expert in healing sports injury. If you want a doctor who can provide phenomenal results in curing pain and injury, get to Dr Ed Le Cara, quickly!

Ryan W.

As an avid runner I had been battling severe plantar fasciitis for months. I saw several doctors and a PT and got zero results. A runner friend of mine referred me to Dr. Ed La Cara at The Body Lounge. He is amazing! After several weeks of treatments and his exercise routine, I’m back to running. I would highly recommend Dr. Ed La Cara for all of your sports-related injuries.

Amanda H.

I have always heard positive things about Ed Le Cara, however, it wasn’t until I herniated a disk that I got to experience firsthand his knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond.
I spent 4 months seeing a Doctor, Chiropractor, and the staff at a local sport recovery center and was still experiencing pain in my lower back. I was doing stretches multiple times a day, I had removed all inflammatory floods from my diet and was still in constant pain.

I decided to do a free consolation with Ed. He immediately recognized my injury. He blew me away with how simple the diagnosis and treatment was. Using information that other professionals thought insignificant he found the problem and solution.

He gave me an in-depth diagnosis and a plan for the next few weeks. By the end of the month, I was back to doing CrossFit and weightlifting. I cannot thank Ed enough! Not only for helping me get back to gym but also putting up with my constant questions about exercises and movements.

Since then Ed is always the first person I call.

I also recommend his podcast called The Strength and Movement Podcast.