Hi! I am Dr. Ed Le Cara

Since I turned 40, every day it seems like I have little tweaks and pains in my body. While in college, I knew what to do. I would go to the athletic training room before or after wrestling practice and one of the athletic trainers would take care of me and help me feel better. After college it is confusing to know where to go for help. You may go see your doctor but that usually results in forced rest and medications. You don’t think the problem is going to require surgery so visiting an orthopaedic surgeon seems excessive, expensive and time consuming.

You need someone who understands your problem and can provide effective treatment. Someone who can not only do a thorough evaluation and provide a diagnosis but provide treatments like joint manipulation, soft tissue therapies and exercises. Someone to help you identify what you may be doing to cause the injury in the first place. Someone to tell you what to do and what to avoid so this problem will go away. Someone to help you feel better quickly so you don’t have to think about the pain anymore.

I may be the person who can help. For over 20 years, I have helped individuals overcome pain and return to activities they love. I help active individuals of all ages feel and move better so they can live a healthy lifestyle using manual therapy and exercise.


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Question: How much equipment will I need? Answer: Depending on if you will be going to the gym or not, I will design your program based on your current equipment. Most times a foam roller and some resistance bands will be enough

Question: Can I come in for a live appointment? Answer: Yes! I see patients at my clinic, Body Lounge Park Cities, in Dallas, TX. Call 972-803-4432 to schedule an appointment

Question: Can a chiropractor really help me? Answer: In addition to being a licensed chiropractor, I am also a strength and conditioning specialist, licensed athletic trainer and have a PhD in athletic training. I am double board certified in sports medicine and rehabilitation. If anyone can help you, I can help you.

Question: How long will it take to start to feel better? Answer: Usually people are feeling better immediately after a live session with me. If done all virtually, you should expect to be feeling better within a couple of days.

Question: What if I don't improve? Answer: If you don't improve within 3-5 visits, I will make recommendations on your next logical progression (imaging, medical referral, etc.)

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